Studio Policies

Missed Lessons - There will no charge for lessons missed due to vacations, holidays or other conflicts provided that you give 24 hours notice. You will be charged the full lesson amount if 24 hours notice is not given for a planned absence. If your child is ill, there will be no charge if you notify me by 8:00 AM on the morning of the lesson. (You may call me as early as 7:00 AM to notify me if your child is sick.) Since consistency and regular weekly instruction are an important part of the learning process, please attempt to schedule doctor's appointments and other activities at times that do not conflict with your child's lessons.

Late Arrival - If your child arrives late for his/her lesson, we will utilize any remaining time for instructional purposes. Because my students are scheduled at one-half hour intervals, I will not be able to extend your child's lesson beyond his/her designated thirty minutes. Full lesson amount will be charged in the event of a late arrival.

Early Drop-Off or Arrival - Please have your child wait on the bench outside the door for his/her lesson to begin. Many of my students are easily distracted by the presence of another person during their lesson, so I do not invite other students to sit in on the end of the previous student's lesson. If it is rainy or cold, please have your child wait in your car until they see the previous student leave.

Instructor Absences - I will make every effort possible to notify parents at least two weeks ahead of my vacation times. If I need to cancel teaching due to illness, I will notify parents as soon as possible. There will be no charge for lessons missed due to my absence.

Billing - Payment - Monthly statements will be issued during the last week of the month. Payment is due by your child's lessons time during the first week of the following month. Parents may also choose to pay weekly at lesson time. If either of these methods present a problem, please call me to discuss an alternate payment schedule. All outstanding payments for the calendar year are due by December 31st.

Materials - Parents are responsible for the cost of purchasing all primary instruction books, and consumable workbooks. Please assist your child in remembering to bring all books to his/her lesson. A waterproof carrying case is ideal for the winter months.

Music Library - When students are able to read music, they may "check" music out of my library for their use. Students and/or their parents will be held responsible for the replacement cost of any damaged or lost music.

Returned Check Policy - There will be a $20.00 charge for any checks which are returned due to insufficient funds.

Scheduling - My teaching schedule changes for the school year and summer vacation period. I will try to accommodate all requests for preferred lesson times, however, priority will be given to returning students on a seniority basis.

Parking - Please look for parking along the street. Since this is my home, my family appreciates access to the driveway. Please access my studio by walking through the gate to the left of the garage (there is a separate side entrance).

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